How I Found My Feminine Grace in Dating

Photo by Shutterstock. Most of us probably have some sense of what it’s like to be around someone with a lot of feminine energy. But what exactly is feminine energy, and what does being feminine really mean? Here’s what you need to know about how to be more feminine and get in touch with your feminine side. Feminine energy refers to a specific set of traits, considered to be the opposite of traits associated with masculine energy. Your masculine side gets expressed when you’re working toward a goal, making progress, getting things done, and pushing forward. Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play, and attune to your internal process. Importantly, these traits are not associated with gender.

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Do you find often that you are the hunter? The pursuer – the chaser – actively seeking men out, approaching them, being very proactive and forward in trying to connect with men? You may even be doing the chasing and not even realize it.

Minneapolis, MN leading dating coach shares with you an invaluable lesson on embrace, and value the beautiful feminine energy/emotional gifts I bring to a.

For a romantic relationship to flourish, there must be the infusion of both feminine and masculine energy to it. Most of you are unconscious of this. Meaning, you are not aware that you are exuding masculine energy and wonder why these men pull away, lose attraction or bail out along the course of the relationship. The truth is, you have both the masculine and feminine energies in you. However, these energies must be channeled in all the right places in order to bring satisfaction and balance to your life.

With regards to dealing with men, especially in dating, your feminine energy is the key and surely what a masculine man craves for.

Surrendering To The Masculine Energy

Free Resources. June 04, 5 min read. I then spent the next 5 years as a single, sassy, career-focused, badass boss babe while riding an emotional rollercoaster of growth, self-discovery and epic Tinder fails. A few years into that journey, I discovered the world of personal development and was instantly hooked.

Male energy vs female energy. I was watching some youtube channel from a dating coach. She had some interesting things to say, but one topic confused me.

Anita Stoudmire is a licensed professional therapist, love mentor, and founder of Better Love Movement , an online coaching business that helps women of all ages master their feminine power and create the relationships they want. Based in Virginia, Anita has a private counseling practice known as Growth Therapy Center , which focuses on couples counseling and relationship issues for singles.

Anita is passionate about all things love and relationships as she knows that the quality of our lives are that much richer when our personal relationships are healthy and fulfilling. I want to hear you describe the difference between feminine and masculine energy, and maybe even the difference between energy and power or if those are interchangeable for you. This is my favorite topic in the world. So, feminine and masculine energy, it resides in every single person; both energies.

And we need both energies in which to get things done, to relate to the people in our lives, to relate to our loved ones, our kids, nature. There is no difference in these energies. Right, and that — it hurts me to hear that, because we are different. No, I want us to accept and celebrate the fact that we are very different and those energies are very different and both of them are equally useful. That the culture wants us to kind of all be the same, and men and women are different.

But there is an energetic difference in us as well and I really wish that the culture would be open to accepting feminine energy, not only is it incredibly powerful, it is very useful. Okay, there is a uniqueness, how do we celebrate this uniqueness? So, one of the things that I know you do is you coach women on dating and love and relationships.

2) Don’t Attach to an Outcome

Some believe that this dynamic helps to create a more stable home environment, while others argue that it makes society more unstable. And while the traditional boundaries of gender are becoming more fluid and ever-changing, why not just appreciate the softer nuances of feminine energy? Read on to learn more about how to harness the natural feminine energy that you uniquely experience and express.

quiet feminine energy while the guy has the more forward-moving, masculine energy. This isn’t the case for me. I’m actually super masculine and my dating.

Knowing how to use feminine energy to connect with a man helps you create better relationships. Are you ready to experience more love, fulfillment, acceptance and inner peace in your life? Are you tired of experiencing one relationship nightmare after another? Or at least one frustration situation after another? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know how to use feminine energy to connect with a man.

I totally get it. I, just like you, want love. That side of me that is healing, loving and nurturing.

8 Powerful Exercises To Increase Your Feminine Energy

So, I met this great gal on a project I was working on. We tossed several FB messages back and forth and then there was an exchange of numbers. I was near her neck of the woods and admitted that I was a bit out of my element.

It’s my belief that all woman have an innate healthy feminine energy Heaven help the guy who was dating me at the time and just wanted to.

An alpha male can easily make your heart melt the minute you hear his voice and connect face-to-face. This is where your feminine energy and his masculine energy collide creating sexual chemistry. The reason these two energies work well together is that they are polar opposites. And you want more of what he has, masculine energy. Being a woman, you possess both energies. However, males typically dominate with more masculine energy, whereas females rule more with feminine energy.

You constantly have goals you are striving to achieve while maintaining security and stability. Masculinity is all about the force of energy. You allow things to move gracefully while letting your heart guide you through your relationship. You are aligned with your values and open to receiving exactly what you deserve.

How to Bring Out your High Value & Unique Feminine Energy

As high-achieving women of this modern day and age, we all live in a highly masculinized world. My work rests on the fundamental premise that living and connecting with our feminine energy is the key to achieving love transformation in our lives and relationships. We are all women of an era where the messages of femininity have been mocked and equated with being a doormat, or somehow being subservient to men.

Suddenly, I was enjoying the dating process – and it was in this energy that I met Krishan. I was employing three key divine feminine skills while.

Do you initiate contact via texting, facebook messages just to check what he’s doing, or follow up about when you’re going to meet again? Perhaps you find yourself “Waiting” for him, and don’t confirm plans with friends to keep your diary free “just in case”, and go even at short notice. Do you fall into the supporting counsellor role? You may have found common ground over past relationship break up stories.

Or you offer helpful advice when he talks about his life and work. In our minds, we’re caring, thoughtful and sweet, the truth is, these ways of energetically making him the centre of your attention can be attraction killers. These behaviours often result in the seemingly great man you’re dating, not perceiving you as the high-value woman instead it conveys “needy” energy. I underestimated the power of making this shift until I learned the magic and influence that feminine energy has.

First for us, by feeling balanced and whole, and secondly with friendships, and of course in dating and relationships. I wrote about the misconceptions about feminine energy HERE. If this sounds like you, it will feel uncomfortable at first to lean back physically and emotionally. You may think that you’re not showing enough care and attention.

How to Attract the Love of Your Life

Some are in fact traits all humans possess, but others are most definitely down to our essence as the female of the species. There is nothing wrong with this. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable should be viewed as a strength and not a weakness. Being vulnerable can mean anything from knowing when to ask for help, to knowing when to give your heart to someone fully. Allowing the side of you that is unsure, unsteady and maybe even scared, to be witnessed by the lover you trust is a practice that both sexes in the relationship will benefit from.

There is a power both in asking and answering a need from a partner.

So, what is Masculine/Feminine energy anyway? For example, when I was dating and living in my masculine my energy was quite tough and.

You date endlessly, but the outcome is always the same: a handful of dates that seldom progress past the exchange of formalities. There is nothing wrong with being single. You can be a total catch and choose not to be in a relationship. If so, this article is not intended for you. Everyone possesses masculine energy and feminine energy and we fluctuate between both. However, there is one sphere that predominates. This energy is not determined by your sex or sexual orientation.

Rather, it is determined by examining what our deep-rooted desires and needs are. According to relationship expert Dr.

How To Exude Feminine Energy When You’re Single & Looking For Love

Is there a part of you that has given up hope of ever finding the love of your life? But, deep down, you secretly yearn for a committed, healthy, relationship with a man. A relationship that is so spectacular, you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with him? Even if this is your desire , you may have lost hope, because you have no idea how to attract the love of your life. They married right out of college because that is what everyone did at that time.

And it took me a few more relationships, to finally get it right.

These are examples of how you may be unknowingly be leading with your Masculine Energy in your dating life. In our minds, we’re caring.

We saw women striving to find their position of power by abandoning their feminine energy. The generations before us felt like they needed to make a bold statement to be taken seriously by the patriarchal society, but the downfall was we started to believe that in order to succeed in business, women must conform to a more masculine version of themselves. Which in a way, is still giving up our power as women.

Drive, focus, assertiveness, and confidence tend to be seen as more masculine traits that set one up for success in business and the corporate world. Masculine energy is consciousness and solid like a river bank. His thoughts are single focused on goals, the future, security, and protection. He is most identified with his purpose and productivity in the world and loves fulfilling a mission.

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